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Friday Night Sampler Classes

dance sampler classes in morristown nj

1st Friday of the month @ 7:30pm: $10 Pole Dance Sampler (next one: )

2nd Friday of the month @ 7:30pm: $10 Lyra Sampler (next one: )

3rd Friday of the month @ 7:30pm: $10 Aerial Silks Sampler (next one: )

Drop in on the first four Fridays of every month to take one of our awesome sampler classes! Students will be able try out different types of moves, practice, or ask questions on how to learn a specific move. This class is not as formally taught as our other classes, but will include a group warm-up and instruction on all the basics. No prior experience is necessary to join this class.

Reserve Your Spot Online For Aerial & Pole Classes!

Equipment is limited and our Pole Dance, Aerial Silks & Lyra classes often sell out before class even starts, so please be sure to reserve your spots online in advance. Walk-ins will get any remaining spots on a first come first serve basis. Click here to reserve your spot now!