Flight Risk Aerials $15 Bellydance Classes

Shimmy your way to fitness with our bellydance classes!

Learn the ancient art of bellydancing with our fun and sensual bellydance classes in Randolph NJ.

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Beginner Bellydance

Calling all bellydance beginners!!! Join our intro and beginner classes anytime if you want to learn the ancient art of bellydancing. These classes are ideal for first timers and beginners, and even more advanced students who want to brush up on basics. Shimmy your way to fitness this week!

Intermediate/Advanced Bellydance

Open to anyone with ~6 months of belly dance experience. Take your technique to the next level with this mixed level raqs sharqi class. Cabaret style bellydance, or "raqs sharqi", uses traditional Turkish and Egyptian movements. This class is designed to improve basic technique as well as enhance your movement vocabulary through more complex drills and combinations. A perfect class for any intermediate level or advanced level dancer.

Tribal Fusion / Hip Hop Bellydance

Open to anyone with ~6 months of belly dance or hip hop experience. The style of bellydance taught in this class is Tribal Fusion Bellydance - choreographed American Tribal Style Bellydance fused with other related dance styles including American Nightclub/Cabaret Bellydance, Indian Classical Dance, Bollywood, Flamenco and heavily influenced by Hip Hop. Learn (and perform, if you choose) complete tribal fusion bellydance and hip hop bellydance choreographies, some of which include veils and other props.

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Our classes regularly sell out. Click here to reserve your spot!

What To Wear To Bellydance Classes

Wear yoga or stretchy pants that allow free movement - no jeans! - and a shirt or tank top that is not too loose (we want to be able to see your movements). You can wear a cropped top and bare your stomach if you choose, but most students do not. You can dance barefoot or with socks. Most students also wear coin belts or hip scarves, which are available to buy or borrow at class.