Aerial Silks

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Fly your way to fitness with our Aerial Silks classes!

WHAT IS AERIAL SILKS? Aerial Silks is a modern circus performance art in which one or more artists perform aerial acrobatics while hanging from special silk fabric. Join us for our Aerial Silks classes and we guarantee you will be up in the air in less than an hour. If you want to increase core strength, flexibility, balance and stamina then aerial arts are a fun and unique way to do it!

Our aerial classes regularly sell out, so please click here to reserve your spot online and register for an upcoming class!

Intro To Aerial Silks

Each class begins with stretching and strengthening exercises aided by our aerial silks hammocks. Then you will learn, practice & drill basic aerial silks hammock moves. You may also learn beginner combinations or routines. Whether this is your first time or you are a regular silks student, you will benefit from this class!

Aerial Silks Level 2

This class is for intermediate and advanced students only. An interested student MUST go to at least 1 intro class and speak to the instructor before joining the mixed level class. This intensive aerial hammock class weaves together basic/transitional moves, inversions, flips, standing poses, and advanced tricks. After a thorough warm-up and stretching, aerialists will progress through a planned sequence of moves with ever-increasing difficulty in order to build muscles and endurance. Emphasis will include performing each pose left-handed and right-handed to achieve a balanced work-out and symmetry.

Aerial Yoga

Aerial Yoga combines traditional yoga with our soft, aerial fabric hammocks. Get a deeper stretch and lengthen your spine in the candlelight. All levels welcome.

Aerial Dance

Now that you're acquainted with the basics, learn to string the moves together, learn transitions, variations and add expression! We'll brainstorm on options for movement in and out of moves to create flow. Aerial Dance will give you the tools to create your own routines! Not sure if you're ready? Students should be able comfortable with: pullover mounts (lyra or sling), pencils (on lyra or sling), good form on Iron T (sling) or Amazon (lyra), basic inversions with fairly straight legs, and supporting moves like angels (sling or lyra) on one hand without slipping.

Vertical Playground

This class is for intermediate and advanced students only. An interested student MUST speak to the instructor of the class before joining. For those who already know the fundamentals of aerial silks, sling and/or lyra. This class focuses on cooperative performances, fusion/cross disciplinary performances, unusual/experimental apparatus, choreography, creating videos, and artistic aerial projects.

Open Studio: For Pole Dance & Aerial Practice

Join us for our open aerial silks, lyra & pole dance practice session or "play time". This class is moderated but not formally taught. An instructor will be there to help you and answer any questions you may have. Practice your skills, work on your routines, or just play & have fun!

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Our pole dance & aerial classes regularly sell out. Click here to reserve your spot!

What To Wear To Aerial Silks Classes

Be sure to thoroughly clean your hands, arms and legs before class to get rid of any lotion or lotion residue that may be on there!!! Please do not wear any bracelets, watches or rings and they will get scratched and will scratch our poles. Wear short or long sleeves if you want to prevent chaffing under the arms, but tank tops or sports bras are fine. All clothing should be close fitting, especially at the ankles - leggings work best - with bare feet or socks with grippy soles.